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Question: should i cut the flowers off my hydrangea?

Question : should i cut the flowers off my hydrangea?
my two blue hydrangeas are ailing due to a lack of water. they had lots of pretty flowers but they are turning brown. i now have a watering schedule but don't know how or when to cut the damanged ones or proper pruning for them. most of this years blooms appear to be on last years growth. is this the norm? Thanks!
- asked by dagreyfox

All Answers:
Answer #1
If you prune them now they will not bloom next year. they are temperamental,, you can clip the flowers but you only prune them in late summer when they begin to die down.
- answered by KYcindylou

Answer #2
Cutting off the spent or dried up flowers in called 'deadheading' in the landscape trade. It is done to make the plants look better, it is a good idea to remove them. At the same time you can cut them back so they will regrow to the height you want them.Yes many bloom on last years growth.
- answered by Dale Griep

Answer #3
It all depends upon what kind of hydreangea you have. Some bloom on old wood and some on new. You can clip off the old blooms, but don't prune until right after the blooming stops for the year. If you prune too late in the fall you will cut off next year's buds and you won't have a Spring bloom.
- answered by dancing_in_the_hail

Answer #4
I read the answers with interest. I LOVE hydrangeas and have several in my yard at the Oregon coast. I bury old rusty nails near the roots of some to get different colors. I've never had a problem growing them....they survive like weeds here. But as a side note....did you know that you can cut a bloom, dry it and the color will stay for years in that dried bloom? They make wonderful arrangements. Good luck with your hydrangeas.
- answered by jacqueandsandee

Answer #5
Like the others, I think you should cut the dead blooms, but wait until later to prune. Water and feed! I have a great idea for spent hydrangea blooms. At least I think it is great. I have used them for the "bow" on a natural Winter wreath before. Attach natural foliage, like pine or ceder to a straw wreath. Instead of using ribbons and bows, I used a large, dried hydrangea bloom and some wild berries. I cannot tell you what the berries are called, but they grow on ditch banks and hedgerows everywhere. The berries are tiny and purple, and they grow in clusters like grapes. Spray paint the blooms and the berries gold. Attach the bloom in the center of the wreath where the bow would go. Drape the berries underneath where the ribbon would be. For color, I recommend artificial red berries. I used wild red berries once, and I found them all over the house for months!
- answered by Rainbow